Pollinator Rain Garden and Greenway

Project Description

Albemarle County Offices at McIntire Road
Charlottesville, Virginia

The pollinator rain garden is a first step in restoring the site’s original hydrology and ecology systems by integrating stormwater retention with a robust planting of native plant species. The rain garden was carefully sited to capture parking area runoff that currently flows into an impaired urban stream, to create a strong vehicular boundary edge, to provide public educational opportunities, and to transform a linear lawn area into a future greenway meadow space.

Dry-stacked, stone walls reference the sites agricultural heritage and create landform edges for a meandering, cobble-lined stream that flows into the rain garden.  A resilient palette of native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous species evoke the rich natural history of the county and were carefully selected and arranged to support and promote insect herbivores, pollinators, and local wildlife biodiversity.