Mary Washington Medical Center

Project Description

Fredericksburg, Virginia

The 100-acre site was designed as a seamlessly integrated Medical Campus to serve the varied needs of patients, visitors and employees.   The main hospital building was centrally located along a low ridge to organize the surrounding parking areas, roadways, and open space systems. A wide boulevard provides access to the brick paved, hospital entrance court.  A covered walkway and a series of pocket gardens along the building serve to greet patients and visitors and anchor the way finding system. Vehicular parking was arranged in small clusters, artfully terraced, and heavily planted to minimize its visual impact.

Programmatic landscape design elements include a cloistered dining terrace, healing gardens, a universally accessible pedestrian system, park spaces, and a trail system.  Natural systems stewardship includes, green stormwater management, rain gardens, native grass and wildflower meadows, and wetland preservation.