Healing Garden

Project Description

Valley Health Cancer Center
Winchester, Virginia

It’s understood in the medical community that a well designed healing garden improves patient health and healing outcomes by reducing stress for patients and staff.  The garden provides a venue for social support, engagement with the natural world, recovering a sense of personal control, meditation and prayer, and exercise. 

The garden’s main axis is intended to be a strong organizational extension of the building’s main lobby space that will visually invite people out into the garden and landscape.  We organized the garden by using an interwoven fabric of orthogonal axis and overlapping geometric shapes to create a cohesive scheme. Distinct, articulated garden areas include the Woodland Wildflower Garden, the Meadow Garden, the Overlook Garden, the Meditation Garden and the Secret Garden.   

The TREX Company, headquartered in Winchester, generously donated materials and labor to construct the deck paving and the pergolas. We worked closely with their staff and contractors in order to achieve the absolute best combination of garden character and materials presentation.

Programmatic garden elements include a wide variety of seating and gathering options, an interconnected walkway system, woodland garden pools, and extensive native plantings to provide green stormwater management and to promote campus biodiversity.